4 Ways to Save Money When You Book Your Next Vacation

The idea of traveling the world without a care or a worry seems like a dream come true. Unfortunately, it”s not realistic for the vast majority of the world”s population when you consider the expense of travel.

However, simply because travel isn”t necessarily cheap doesn”t mean you can”t do it. Travel pros know there are a few ways you can save big when you book your next vacation. Cleaning out your savings isn”t necessary when booking a vacation. Here are four useful tips to cut your costs.

Shop discount airlines

It”s not something many travelers consider, but discount airlines can make travel much less expensive. Airlines such as Southwest and Allegiant offer one-way prices on tickets that dip as low as $14.99 one way!

Of course, the best way to take advantage of these rates is to be flexible. Prices change with each flight, so check out a few different dates to figure out which one would work best. The reason these flights are so inexpensive is that prices are broken down. If you want to choose your own seat or board first, you pay more, for example.


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Join hotel memberships

You don”t have to pay anything; hotel reward programs are free. However, each time you stay, you earn points toward more rewards. For example, you might be eligible for discounted rooms, free cocktails, free entertainment, and even free nights after a while.

Some chains, such as Omni Hotels, offer free coffee, beverage, and paper delivery to their Select Guest members each morning — a savings that can be significant over time. A typical pot of coffee from room service in a hotel is around $12 … $20 when you include delivery, tip, and tax. With a rewards program, it”s completely free and makes pleasant travel less expensive.

Pay with cash

Another way to save money on vacation is to pay cash. When you use cash, you don”t incur interest charges that will make your trip cost a lot more as the months pass.

Plan ahead

It’s a simple suggestion but planning ahead saves a lot of time and money on a tourist’s end. For one, traveling in a completely different country can be difficult, especially if the residents don’t speak English very well. You need to educate yourself about the place you’re going to, understand their culture, and appreciate the beauty of their country.

Planning ahead also includes booking your hotel accommodation early on, researching about the restaurants nearby your hotel, checking out their rates, and picking the cheapest ones with the highest reviews.

Travel is great, and it”s possible to do it on a budget if you know how. It might take a bit more time and effort to save significantly, but it”s worth it in the end.


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