6 Hot Tips When You’re Getting Car Insurance

Insurance shopping is something nobody would describe as fun, but it”s a necessity. Failing to comparison shop means you”re probably overpaying and also being under-covered.

Insurance is also one of those things nobody likes to think about until sometimes it”s too late. A little preventive care and research can go a long way to keep you protected.

Whether you”re just looking to switch or buying a new (or new to you) car, it”s always the perfect time to shop for car insurance. You might not know where to start, however, since there are so many options. No matter what, here are six excellent tips to follow.

Ask for discounts

There are discounts for just about everything from being a student to a safe driving record. Just ask, and make sure to peruse the website for any loopholes. In many places, you”ll even get a discount for bundling packages, and home insurance is just as important.


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Check the customer service

You”re not just going to get into a fender bender or have your car broken into during office hours. Before committing to a policy, investigate the customer service. Is there 24/7 support, live chat if that”s your thing, and do they respond to emails quickly? If not, you”ll be in a world of hurt when and if you need them.

Actually read the policy

There might be a lot of lingo that seems to be mumbo jumbo — what”s an umbrella policy, anyway? Either figure out the lingo or work with a reputable agent who can explain things. Your insurance agent should work for you, not necessarily try to put together the most expensive policy. Be sure you understand what all the terms mean.

Get the highest liability possible

One million dollars might sound like a lot of money, but it”s nothing if you”re found guilty in a fatal accident. Most liability coverage is pretty meager and could use some boosting. Do what it takes to get properly covered.

Make sure your car is truly covered

You should have a policy that will actually pay enough to replace your car if it gets totaled. Your 1982 Trans Am might not add up to much on paper, but it”s actually worth a pretty penny. Collector car insurance might be in order. Know the amount you”ll get if the car gets totaled.

Meet in person

This isn”t a necessity, but if you prefer to meet with an agent in person, start off that way. He or she should be accessible and work around your schedule. A great insurance agent is easier to find than you think; it just takes a little looking.


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