Add music to your life with an iPhone or iPod in your car

As you slide into the leather back seat of your car, and slowly ease out into peak-hour traffic, you automatically reach out for the music control panel, and then settle down for the long-drive. You drive to work, you drive to the supermarket and you head out on a road-trip in to the hills. Your hand on the steering wheel, your eyes on the road and the cool comfort of the interiors of your vehicle soothing your frayed nerves. No matter which car you drive, bobbing your head to your favorite music as you head to wherever you need to go, is a very involuntary phenomenon. Most cars are equipped with stereos and speaker systems that make your car reverberate with your favorite beats.


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With a lot of people using smartphones, it is very commonplace to see iPhones and iPods hooked up to car stereos. Almost all new cars are compatible with iOS devices. There was a time when an adapter had to be connected to your iPod to play music via your car speakers. That is a thing of the past. Smartphones have added a whole new dimension to driving fancy-free. GPS navigation, hands-free calling and undoubtedly, playing music in your car is all possible via your iPhone. Worry not; your iPod is not defunct. You can still use it to play music.

Any car worth its gas today comes equipped with USB ports as well as Bluetooth calling systems. The Ford cars have a classic Sync system that is installed in a number of lower- range cars. It is integrated with certain applications and has an advanced voice-control for making phone calls and for music playback.

IPhone owners will know that their smartphones not only have a mind of their own but can prove to be temperamental at times. They tend to misbehave when they have to send out an audio output via USB or Bluetooth. There are times when the Bluetooth connection in your car will forcefully take over the audio position from the IPhone that you have connected via USB. Try to switch the audio source to your iPhone and your speakers will spill no music. Instead the output will be magically routed via Bluetooth. A sure-fire quick-fix is to do a reboot of sorts by unplugging and re-plugging the iPhone cable.

The dashboard stereo in your car is also referred to as a head unit. It is responsible for throwing the output to the speakers and amplifiers. Replacing the head-unit is the most economical and easy method to add iOS device support to your car. The latest head units have in-built Bluetooth support which facilitates the audio streaming and hands-free calling from your iPhone.

No matter what generation you belong to, technology has a way of growing onto you. Especially when it comes to mobile phones, everyone is in unison about its benefits and the dimension that it has added to our lives. So, hook up an iPhone or iPad to your car, pump up the jam and burn up the asphalt.


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