Marketing Techniques You Should Know

Internet marketing is one of the most challenging things online entrepreneurs have to face when running a business on the internet. Most people are lucky enough, their budget is capable of helping them avoid doing this aspect by themselves, while for some it’s a nightmare they must face if they are to expect their businesses to move forward.

If you’ve been running a blog for quite a while now, then you must have done some sort of marketing on your own. While most people are specialist in the game, a lot of others are just rookies and they tend to do whatever everyone tells them to do. To guide you against doing the wrong thing and then end up wasting your time, my blog post will feature marketing techniques you must focus your attention on.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been in practice for as long as I can remember, and unlike other internet marketing techniques that have faded out with time, email marketing remains the best and the most effecting for of online marketing till date.

While this form of internet marketing is very effective and popular among online marketers, it’s not the stuff anyone can easily get his hands on. This is because it totally deals with persuasion, which, unfortunately, not everyone is perfect at doing.

Unlike the old times when all you have to do is put an email submission button on your website and everyone would be willing to give you their email addresses just to make sure they are always seeing new messages in their inbox, the times have changed and you just have to offer something in return for someone’s email address.


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Social Media Attraction

Social media is the thing in trend now and internet marketers are continuously making it big online with this increasingly powerful platform. Using social media to attract users to your website will prove more converting than sharing your links on forums and through blog commenting. The big benefit of this method is that the social media users you attract to your page will spend their time on your website, navigating from content to content just like they do on social media sites.

Now you want to ask how you can attract these users to your website.

There are several ways to do that, and you can determine whichever method you want to use. You can decide to create a fan page for your website, and then consistently engage your fans with interesting post that will end with you leaving a link to content on your site. Alternatively, you can buy ads and get your posts featured on people’s walls as featured stories.

Link submission

Link submission is not a new internet marketing technique, but it has been for as long as online marketing was in existence. Back then submitting your links on directories, blogs, forums and several other pages online meant you will get visitors from clicks, but now it means more than that. Depending on how influential the site you’re submitting your links to is, you can increase your search engine presence and get a good dose of Page Rank.


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