Steps to enhance your Laptop’s Battery life

It can be really frustrating to have your laptop drained out completely while you are in a meeting or during a presentation. We are sure some of you might have had an embarrassing experience with your laptop conking off in the middle of a class, without giving you much time to save the project you were working on,  and that’s why you are here. An optimum battery life continues to be a challenge for mobile users, with the number of users increasing drastically every day.  Well, you can’t quite blame your laptop’s battery always as, like human lives even they die one day and we can’t quite expect them to serve us till eternity. However, there are simple everyday housekeeping and maintenance tasks that you can perform to improve the lifespan of your laptop’s battery and you don’t essentially have to know “rocket science” to carry out these tasks. Keeping that in mind we introduce some working tips here which will help you make optimum utilization of your laptop battery.

Don’t wait, till it’s empty:

Today laptops use a lithium ion battery, and crushing every cent out of it just strains it and makes it weak. You might not be able to make it out in the very beginning, as apparently it doesn’t have much impact on your laptop’s performance. However in the long run, it just reduces the laptop’s lifespan. The thumb rule is to set it on charge when the battery sign reaches halfway or otherwise face the consequences, as anyways most modern laptops are programmed to shut down automatically before the battery is completely drained!  Windows Operating Systems like Windows 7 and Vista comes build with a power scheme specially to serve this purpose. You can check the same by navigating to the Power Options in control Panel followed by clicking Change plan Settings link. You can tweak, adjust this setting according to your preferences.


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Defrag at regular intervals

Run the disk defragmenter tool available in your computer, as it arranges the various files and sectors in order. Thus, resulting a faster working hard drive, and the faster it works the lesser strain it puts on your laptop’s battery.

Use a dim display

It is “clinically” proven that using a less bright screen helps in saving some energy as well as laptop’s battery life. You can adjust the brightness of your display with some laptops even letting you tweak the CPU cooling. Recommended is to scheme it down to the lowest you can endure.

Get rid of those backend/Unused programs

Shut down all your Weather Bug, iTunes, Indexing search which you can survive without on a Laptop. They unnecessary put a great load on the CPU thus reducing the battery life. Cut down everything which you wouldn’t need while surviving only on battery.

Personalize efficiently

Learn to enjoy your laptop without all those flashy visuals, Aero peeks, and transparent taskbars while on battery. Set your laptop for an optimum performance and not a visual treat, by browsing to the performance tab under Advanced System properties.

Remove any unused external devices

Definitely, you wouldn’t need the printer, card scanner to be connected to your Laptop all the time. When not in use, unplug them. Also try not charging your BlackBerry or iPods with your Laptop, while on idle battery. These take a toll on the Battery life!

Also turn of the Wi-Fi while using LAN internet, let it sleep when not in front of the laptop. These are some simple steps that greatly enhance your laptop’s battery life.


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