3 Reasons you should not Root Your Android Device

Rooting has been the way out for the Android users who find it rather appalling for their device carrier to dictate what they must enjoy on their device to them. Rooting a device, however, is not limited to Android users alone. Even websites teaching how to jailbreak (as the iOS users chose to call it) their devices have grown significantly popular on the internet.

With the rate at which people root their android devices and lose the warranty they get from their device manufacturer, has it ever occurred to you that rooting might, after all, be a bad idea? In this blog post, I’m going to point out some disadvantages of rooting.

Lose of Warranty

The first thing you will lose whenever you decide to root your android device is your “User Warranty”, which grants you the privilege to have your device repaired for you by your manufacturer and – in the case whereby your device’s problem is beyond repair – replaced free of charge. Many people have rooted their android devices, their heart filled with joy (which was only short-lived), only to notice a problem and being unable to have it repaired by the manufacturer.

If you won’t feel bad losing your “user warranty” from the manufacturer of your android device, you can go ahead to root it, but if, on the contrary, you cannot cope without your “user warranty”, my advice to you to not to root your android device yet.


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Risk of Bricking Your Android Device

Another terrible, but unavoidable, occurrence one is very much likely to face by rooting your android device is bricking your device. “Bricking” is the condition whereby your device will become inoperative due to the OS having been destroyed. At this stage you are left with an ordinary case which can only be compared to a brick.

A very large percentage of android devices that have been rooted are eventually bricked and rendered useless. Of course, no one wants his device to turn to an ordinary brick. This comes to emphasize the fact that rooting might be very dangerous.

Battery Depreciation

You also risk depreciating your android device’s battery if you root your android device. The functionalities that have been disabled by default will start to work on your android device after rooting it, and this will cause the battery of your device to run down faster than normal. This event will cause you to buy several extra batteries for your device, thereby causing you to waste money unnecessarily.

Power is an integral factor of your device, and having less than you need it will deprive you of the fun you’ll get from rooting your device.


Rooting an Android device can bring you many benefits that might, after all, overwhelm the side effects you get from it.

But you might also be despaired when you start encountering problems like bricking with your android device.

Ultimately, the decision lies with you whether you are ready for rooting or not.


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