Are you spending too much on Home Improvement?

Home improvements aren’t just spending money for a better living environment, but also a future investment which enhances the value of your property. If you want to sell your house in near future, having it improved with all modern amenities will certain bear a higher value in the real estate market. Not much, but house value deteriorates over time. Very often, house owners don’t really realize where to invest for house remodeling and improvement. Inspections and appraisals are almost always fruitful endeavors for the homeowner. Frisco Roofing can inspect and appraise the amount that you stand to spend fixing certain parts of your home’s exterior and can also project how much money you stand to gain in a sale due to the improvements made. The expenditure is often done very wrong, that doesn’t add any value to the proposition. We assume you have a draft of improvement plan on your mind and you have thought about selling your house in a foreseeable future, go through this article to know where to invest for the best return and whether you are spending too much on home improvement.


Conservatory is an extra room to your house, which also means you lose some extra space either in the garden or in the backyard. But statistics have shown the return on this investment is around 108%, people loves conservatories. For investment around $8,000 on a conservatory, the return would be around $9,000.


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Don’t leave your garden to overgrow or just rot. Take well care of gardens especially if it’s on the frontal side of your house. Garden by the sides of your porch enhances the exterior and increases property value. Don’t spend anything above $7,000 on your garden enhancement.


Not just the front porch garden but also the external appearance should be appealing. Doesn’t mean your house needs to look like those crazy rich mansions in the Malibu Point, but at least have something presentable even if you decide to live on this place forever. You could expect as high as 75% investment return for spending on the exterior.


Roofing on a house is important. If it appears by the look and shape of your house roofing that it needs to be replaced, your house selling plan is going to face massive turn off because your price will likely be going down by half of your property value! The investment on roofing doesn’t require above $6,500, and it offers nearly 88% in return.


Extensions could be from 1 meters to up to 3 meters depending on the structure of your house. Before making an investment, make sure you have complied the rules set by your local authority. If you are extending the roof height, don’t go beyond 4 meters. Extensions could be expensive, costing around $30,000.


You could cross check this list with the budget you have on your mind and assume whether you are spending too much on home improvement, and if you are putting the money on the right place.


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